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(1) Introduction and General Provisions

Welcome to Bookabikia site, the following terms and conditions concerning the use and access pages to "Bookabikia"website. Words and expressions mentioned in this Convention are given meanings specified as follows:

1- \"Bookabikia\": Bookabikia site is intended.

2- \"Website\": It means wherever it is mentioned in the Convention \"Bookabikia website\", also all pages and links, tools, branching characteristics of the site and the services provided are considered an integral part of Bookabikia site.

3- \"Customer\": It means the entity requesting the service from the \"Website\" whether this was the natural person or legal person.

4- \"Agreement\": means the agreement terms and conditions of Bookabikia site, which include all of the terms and conditions described for the client, which control and regulate the customer use of Bookabikia site.

Customer acknowledges and agrees that his/her use of the site is the adoption of clear and explicit statement about reading and understanding the terms and provisions of this agreement and the method of use of the site, is considered to be acceptance and approval from him/her on the terms and conditions of this agreement. Also, Customer use of the site is considered to be an explicit approval from him/her on commitment and respond to all terms and conditions of the agreement and all terms and conditions for Bookabikia Company also considered. It is known to the customer that in the case of selection requirement of consent, the terms and conditions of agreement is valid in confronting the client.

(2) To qualify for membership

1. Bookbikia has the right to cancel any membership if any violation of membership conditions happens.

2. No person shall be entitled to use the site if his/her membership is cancelled by Bookabikia.

3. Every person who uses the site should be committed to all regulations and applicable laws which regulate e-commerce (commerce via the Internet).

4. The client has no right to use a single email and /or one mobile number to open more than one account for any reason and Bookabikia site has the right of freezing offending accounts and / or cancel these accounts or one of them with a commitment to end all the operations related to the account before closing it and/or froze and/or cancel it without incurring any liability on the site and the Bookabikia Company.

5. The client acknowledges and agrees in case of proven breach of the item (3) above, that the site and Bookabikia Company have the right to cancel any purchases requests or any transactions that are made by the client, in this case the client acknowledges and agrees that there is not any liability on the site or Bookabikia Company.

6. User and/or Client acknowledges that in the case of proven breach of the item number (5) that Bookabikia Company will take all the legal procedures to ask him/her for damages caused by him/her.

(3) Your account and registration obligations

Immediately after filling the registration application for membership in the site, the client shall not disclose specific information and choose a user name and a secret password for use when entering the site. Upon acceptance of the application for registration, you would be considered a member of the site and so you have agreed to:

1. Be responsible, in particular, to maintain the confidentiality of your access information to your account and password and to identify the persons who are allowed to access and use your account.

2. In case of any illegal use or hacking of the account, the client must inform the Bookabikia site and Company.

3. If you do not inform the site or Bookabikia Company immediately of any unauthorized use and / or penetration of the account, the site and Bookabikia company don’t endure any responsibility.

4. The Website and Bookabikia Company will not be responsible by any means for any loss of the user, either directly or indirectly, morally or financially as a result of exposed username or password information.

5. It is known for the client that only he is responsible for maintaining the use of the Website with all seriousness and credibility and he/she is bound to compensate the site and Bookabikia company for any losses and damages may occur as a result of any use of illegal or real or commissioner by your side for your account by you or by anyone else had access to your account whether to accomplish services or anything else by using the username and password, whether authorized by you or without.

6. The client acknowledges that all the information that the disclosures are true, correct, up to date, complete and correspond with what is required in the registration form on the site.

7. Do not include in the registration form any of your contact details as the addresses or e-mail or phones or any personal details of numbers, or the word \"Bookabikia\" as the username.

8. Site is committed to deal with your personal information and contact details with confidentially.

9. You will be obliged to maintain and update the registration data respectively for the purposes of keeping them valid, correct, up to date and complete. If you provide untrue, incorrect, not up to date or incomplete information or violate what is stated in the user agreement, the site and / or Bookabikia company have the right to halt or limit or cancel your membership and your account on the site, without causing any damages to the rights of the site and/or Bookabikia company and their means to recover their rights.

10. In the case of non-compliance with any of the above, the site and/or Bookabikia Company have the right to suspend or cancel your membership and block you from the site. We reserve the right to cancel any accounts that are unconfirmed and unproven, transactions or accounts for a long time without activity.

(4) Electronic communications

1. The client acknowledges and agrees that is communications with him are done via e-mail, or by broadcasting promotional ads on the site, also acknowledges and agrees that all agreements declarations, statements and other communications which supplied electronically serve as the written ones to meet the legal needs.

2. During the period of your membership, the site and/or Bookabikia company will send promotional emails to inform you of any changes or new procedures or propaganda activities may be added to the site.

3. As a user you have the right to confirm that you do not wish to receive promotional e-mails, you can cancel such messages, by clicking on the request not to receive promotional messages which is available at the bottom of the promotional and advertising messages option.

(5) Modifications to the user agreement and the procedure of action on the site

1. You acknowledge and agree that the site and/or Bookabikia Company will notify you of any amendment to the User Agreement, and under these amendments, it is possible to increase your obligations in accordance with any adjustments in the Terms.

2. The client acknowledges and agrees that the site and/or Bookabikia company can, without any legal liability, make any fundamental or amendments on this agreement without requiring additional approval from your side at anytime with immediate effect and will inform you of these amendments through written announcements on the site.

3. Membership is free on the site.

4. The site has the right to make changes to operations fees which will be appropriate and will be announced by sending you e-mails. Modifications may be temporary or permanent, whether in the fees or in the shipping services details. You have to commit to them according to its provisions when they are announced.

5. All fees are in local currency and you have to pay all fees due on your operations to the site or Bookabikia Company as well as any taxes or other expenses.

(6) You declare and guarantee the following

1. All books donated by you to the site are original and licensed from the original publisher who owns the intellectual rights of the author or those who have those rights.

2. You will comply with all local and international laws applicable in this regard in addition to all applicable provisions regarding the use of the site.

3. To work within the site policy concerning keeping the privacy of contact information and communications, you will not reveal the details of information and addresses to contact you, including phone numbers, direct mailing addresses, e-mail addresses, anywhere in the site, including the models and the forum or through any features of the site e-mail.

4. You will not collect any information about other users, including e-mail addresses and other means of communications.

5. You will not disclose or publish any personal information about users, or makes use of them in anyways that may violate their confidentiality and privacy applicable laws.

(7) Copyrights

1. All content in the site, including but not limited to text, graphics, logos, button icons, symbols, audio clips, digital loads, the data collected and electronic software is a property and its rights reserved for Bookabikia, its users, providers of this content and commissioners. It is protected by copyrights saved rights, trademarks, intellectual and creative property laws.

2. Content collected on the site is an exclusive property and rights reserved for Bookabikia, which is protected under copyrights saved rights, trademarks, intellectual and creative property laws.

(8) Trademarks

1. Bookabikia, owned logos, other words and logos on the site are protected by the copyrights, property laws and other international intellectual brands.

2. Bookabikia trademarks may not be used for products or services out of the market or services that could affect their value and credibility. All other trademarks not owned by Bookabikia which appear on the site are the property of their respective owners who may be or may not be affiliated, associated or sponsored by Bookabikia.

(9) The approval and cancellation of orders

Bookabikia site reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order for any reason. We may ask the buyer to provide additional information or confirmations, including but not limited to, phone number, address details, additional and detailed information about payment method and documents related to it, also the site has the right to cancel the purchase order case of failure the buyer to respond to phone calls to confirm the request by the site management or shipping partners and has no right to claim the site to confirm the order after cancellation or resubmit the request after returned by the shipping company.

Bookabikia site reserves the right to cancel any unconfirmed orders if 14 days or more have passed from the date of purchase.

(10) Confidentiality

1. The site takes (physical, organizational and technological) measures to protect from access of an unauthorized person to your personal identity information and save it. Knowing that the Internet is not a secure way and the confidentiality of your personal information cannot be 100% guaranteed.

2. The Site and /or Bookabikia Company have no control over the actions of any third party, such as other Internet pages linked to this Site, or third parties that claim to represent you or others. You acknowledge and agree that the Site and/or Bookabikia Company may use your information that you provided them, in order to provide services for you at the site, send marketing messages to you, and the secrecy that was held at this site adjusts collection, treatment, use and transfer operations of personal identity information.

(11) Cancelling the User Agreement

In accordance with the User Agreement, relevant regulations and laws, the site and /or Bookabikia Company are allowed to shut down your activity without bearing any responsibility as well as temporary or permanent suspension, limit or withdraw your membership and /or restrict or cancel your access to the site without affecting other legitimate rights and means to recover your rights in the case of:

1. If you violate the Usage Agreement.

2. If the site and/or Bookabikia Company cannot confirm any of the information submitted by you.

3. If the site and/or Bookabikia Company decided that your activities may cause you or other users, the site and/or Bookabikia Company legal problems.

4. The site and/or Bookabikia Company \"according to its evaluation\" may reactive suspended users, whereas the user, whose activity was stopped completely or withdrawn its membership, may not be able to register or attempt to register on the site, or use the Website in anyway, till allowing him to return to the website.

5. If you or others users violate the user agreement, the website and/or Bookabikia Company preserve the right to take appropriate action to such an act and other similar acts of violation.

(12) Cancel access and/or membership

Without harming other rights and legitimate means to recover their rights, the website and/or Bookabikia Company can stop or cancel your membership and/or your access to the website at anytime and without notice, for any reason, and without limitation, and can cancel the User Agreement.

(13) Delineation of responsibilities

According to what is permitted by the law, the website, Bookabikia Company, their employees, their managers and their agents will not be responsible for any direct loss or breakdowns arising from using the website. If you are not satisfied with the site or any of the contents of its articles, the solution is not to use it. Moreover, you consent that any unauthorized use of the website and its services, due to your negligence will cause harm to the site and/or Bookabikia Company, therefore the website and/or Bookabikia Company will act according to the terms and conditions of the user agreement.

(14) Security

You agree to provide security for the website and/or Bookabikia Company, their managers, their employees and their agents and protect them from any damage that may catch up with them due to claims, losses, failures, costs and expenses caused by a violation of the User Agreement, or your violation of any related law.

(15) Relationship and notifications

The terms of the User Agreement do not include any reference to the existence of a partnership between you and the website and/or Bookabikia Company. You have no authority to bind the website and/or Bookabikia Company in anyway. Any notices you would like to send to the website and/or Bookabikia Company, you should send them by e-mail. Provided that the website and/or Bookabikia Company respond to the e-mail, you are aware and agree that any notices sent to you from the website and/ or Bookabikia Company will be announced on the website or by e-mail that you provided during the registration process, and assume that you received after 72 hours of transmission. We can send you a notification by direct mail to your address and it should arrive within7 days.

(16) General Information

If any provision contained in this User Agreement is invalid or cancelled or for any reason they are no longer in force, such paragraph does not negate the rest of the paragraphs in the agreement. This agreement (which amended from time to time according to its terms) put all the outlines of understanding and agreement between you and website and/or Bookabikia Company with regard to:

Not the right of any person who is not a party to this User Agreement, to impose any terms or conditions in the agreement.

If there is a translation of the user agreement to any language other than English, either on the website or in other ways, the Arabic text of her is still prevailing.