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- To know more about us, our mission and vision, please visit: about us

- The XP is the official currency for Bookabikia, all your purchases and donations will be valued by it.

1- Through donation.

2- Through a direct purchase,via the link: Buy XP

- In case you choosed to buy XP through money transfer, please contact us on our number 01020177738

- We have a very strict sytem that evaluates every book fairly according to:

1- Estimated market value.

2- Number of pages.

3- State of the book (good – medium – bad).

4- Availability on the market.

- Here is the XP details for each category, which will help you get an estimated value:

1- Pocket books: from 5 to 25 XP.

2- Comics: from 10 to 15 XP.

3- Magazines: from 15 to 25 XP.

4- Novels, religion, history & self-development books: from 50 to 100 XP.

5- Books in foreign languages: from 55 to 130 XP.

6- Miscellaneous: from 50 to 200 XP.

7- Scientific books: from 75 to 125 XP.

8- Encyclopedias: according to the encyclopedia.

9- Family library: from 5 to 40 XP.

10- Language learning: from 20 to 60 XP.

11- School books: from 10 to 30 XP.

- To increase the awareness of recycling books and increase number of people who will get the books.

- While you are doing the donate, write the name of the encyclopedia and number of books, for example (name of the encyclopedia || 7).

- As long as you did not check out the book and the XP were not yet deducted from your account, anyone can acquire the book.

- By clicking the book's image, the data will appear.

- The user ID is like your ID card for us and all the interactions between us will be through it.

- Please go to your profile page. There you can check your ID number anytime. link: Profile

- To avoid similarities between names and mistakes in orders.

- Your donations and orders are listed in your profile page. You can access the list through the following link: Profile

- Through the status column in the donates table:

1- Donation: you want to donate.

2- Pending: we are preparing your donation and we will collect it within 5-8 working days.

3- Confirmed: we took the donation and your books are now in Bookabikia.

4- Cancelled: you cancelled the donation.

- Through the status column in the orders table:

1- Received: we received your order.

2- Pending: we are preparing for your order and we will deliver it within 5-8 working days.

3- Confirmed: you received the order.

4- Cancelled: you cancelled the order.

- Through the status column in my XP orders table:

1- Received: we received your XP order.

2- Pending: we are preparing for your XP order.

3- Confirmed: the XP points are added to your account.

4- Cancelled: you cancelled the XP order.

- For now, we are covering only Cairo and Giza. We divide them into six areas; we deliver to each area on a certain day of the week. If you place the order on the specified day of your area’s delivery or the day after, you will have to wait for your next area’s delivery day. In any case, you will receive your order within 5 to 8 working days as a maximum.

- Through the contact us form:

1- Please type the address: cancel an order or a donation

2- Your order/donation ID, your ID and the order/donation will be cancelled.

- 20% of order XP will be deducted from your account, but you will not pay the delivery fees.

- Nothing will happen; no XP will be deducted and you don’t have to pay delivery fees.

- Every order fees will be calculated separately and you will receive the orders at the same time.

We will make a discount and the delivery fees will be 30 EGP only, as we are a website based on exchange and recycling.

1- Through the contact us form:

- Address: complaint + your ID + mobile number

- Subject:

- We will contact you as soon as possible.

2- Or call us directly on our number 01020177738