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About us

The constant increase in books prices, the decrease of income, holding on to principles and not willing to read plagiarized PDF books are all factors that lead most people to quit reading or read less than they used to in previous years. All were affected by this equation, the rich before the poor, as everyone has his obligations, so they sacrificed reading for other commitments and habits.

People started to depend on borrowing. Borrowing a book allows your knowledge to seamlessly grow and expand without worrying about the financial aspects by removing the cost from the equation. However, as we say in Egypt “every sweet thing has its own bitter” because there are no enough public libraries to borrow books easily from them. Furthermore, it is not always easy to convince your friends to lend out their books or to give them away.

Therefore, the solution was to exchange. People started to exchange books between them to read as much as they can without the financial burden. Yet, the common interest issue persists. It is challenging to find a match who has what interests you and is interested in your collection as well.

Hence, a solution had to be created.

Bookabikia is the first website for exchanging books in a unique way. We founded the general Bookabikia library to exchange books with any person inside Egypt or even more than one person at the same time.

How Bookabikia works

After creating your account and listing the books you would like to exchange, you will make a donation through the website. Within days, the delivery team will come to you to take them. Within 24 hours from collecting the books, the XP will be added to your account. That will enable you to buy any book that was donated by another person to Bookabikia. You will be able to get different books from different people at the same time even without them being necessarily interested in your books. Don’t worry, there will always be someone who is interested in your books and so the cycle keeps going.

So you will actually be getting rid of the books you no longer want to keep, getting different books you are interested in and all by only paying for the delivery fees. As the platform allows you to browse through a large number of books and choose what really interest you, the common interest barrier is no longer a problem.

How will Bookabikia succeed

Through you, certainly the more books you donate to Bookabikia the more others find what they are looking for. Therefore, they will come up with their forgotten books in order to get your books in exchange. Everybody wins.

What do we promise

You will be our only customer, as in every interacting with us, you will feel the service is evolving to give you the most benefits of it. So, you will be satisfied and want to deal with us again.

Also, we promise to be all ears to hear from you in all situations. We are open to even more than to praising.

Finally, we pray to Allah to give us his blessings and success in this project, hoping it will be a huge move in the reading community in Egypt and the Arab world.

Wish you all a safe, long and blessed life.

Bookabikia Team


To make the book an integral part of each individual’s life, because we believe in reading as a lifestyle.


To provide books through borrowing with cheap prices with the best quality service delivery at home.